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TikTok & Reels

Organic social isn't about being the fastest. It's about being the differentiator in a sea of sameness. 

"Content is King". Gary Vaynerchuk has been touting this phrase for over a decade now, but if I had to make one small change, it would be this: thumb-stopping content is king. Content can catch your eye, but it's the emotion-led, climax-first video that develops viewers from watcher to interested community member. 


I led social strategy and community management for the farmer-owned co-op and had the opportunity to relaunch Tillamook's TikTok account. While campaigns were collaboratively produced with our external creative agency and internal channel leads, I concepted and created end to end content creation with focus on new features and platform updates. This further scaled our reach, leading to multiple videos with 20k+ views organically. 

Navitas Organics

Navitas Organics gave me the opportunity to flex my first freelance muscle. While most often transforming illustrative storyboards into animations for flash sales, the team was open to my recommendations to provide in-house, human-led content creation. I produced recipe videos involving recipe development, art direction, filming and editing and additional creative based on trending audio.  

Navitas Organics
Navitas Organics
Navitas Organics
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